Mar 1st 2023,

RC Timilsina


Yatra to Gobargada


On May 23rd, 2022, we made the decision to visit Koshi for the second time, leaving Kathmandu. At approximately 3:30 pm, we arrived in Bhardha and immediately took an auto-rickshaw to Hanuman Nagar, where we planned to travel to Gobaragada, situated in the southern part of the Saptari district, about 7km from the east-west highway. This island-like village in the middle of the Koshi River, near the border of India, presented a transportation challenge as no services were available except for boating.

We informed the local police station of our intention to visit Gobargada and contacted the representative of Hanuman Nagar Kankai Municipality-13, Mr. Kusheshwor Yadav, who welcomed us warmly and promised his support. Though he would not be staying in the village, he assured us that he would inform all the villagers to assist and help us.

Local markets run every Monday and Thursday in Gobargada, locally known as Hatiya. People from different villages come to sell their local products and buy necessary items. During our visit, we bought a fresh watermelon and relished it. Shortly after, Mr. Yadav introduced us to a villager who offered to accompany the village and provide help if needed.

As we began walking, he advised us to change our clothing, remove our shoes and socks, and wear shorts, as we would need to cross several small rivers with water levels up to 4-5 feet. We were surprised as we had been informed that boat services were available for every river, regardless of size. When we asked the man, Mr. Sada, about the boat service, he replied with a smile, "sir, boat service is only available for the big river; we have to cross all the small ones ourselves." We had no other option but to follow his instructions and embark on our journey to Gobargada.