Community Knowledge Portal for Disaster Risk Reduction (CKP-DRR) is an online platform dedicated to disseminating local and traditional knowledge to disaster risk reduction (LTK-DRR). LTK-DRR is the result of accumulated experience that comes with the close relationship of local and traditional communities to their environment, formed through successive trials and errors over generations. Such information is scanty and is not easily accessible. CKOP recognizes the value of local and traditional knowledge and its role in building more sustainable and resilient communities. CKP-DRR aims to develop a common platform for sharing information related to TLK-DRR in Nepal, India and Bangladesh in particular and globally, in general. We invite you to explore the CKP-DRR and benefit from our materials.


The objective of the Community Knowledge Portal for Disaster Risk Reduction (CKP-DRR) is to provide a centralized platform that serves as a repository of knowledge, information, and resources related to disaster risk reduction. The portal aims to:

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing: The CKP-DRR aims to gather information related to LLK-DRR and serves as a platform for experts, practitioners, and community members.
  • Enhance community resilience: The portal aims to support informed decisions and take proactive measures to reduce vulnerability to disasters (see policy brief).
  • Foster collaboration and networking: The CKP-DRR provides a space for stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, researchers, and community leaders.
  • Support capacity building: The portal aims to support capacity building by providing training materials, guidelines, toolkits, and resources that enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations involved in TLK-DRR.